At Y-ACT, we believe in #GenerationEquality and the promise it holds for a just and equitable society for all. And that’s what our new campaign is about. We’re implementing the Generation Equality campaign in partnership with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation in efforts to empower young people to centre their leadership and participation on the Generation Equality Process. 

Anchored on the voices of young people, this campaign endeavours to create awareness on the Generation Equality process and mobilize National and County governments & other stakeholders to accelerate collective implementation of already existing policies and drive increased public & private investment to deliver game-changing results across generations for girls and women as relates to GBV and teenage pregnancies. 

Sounds exciting, right? Plug into this campaign that brings us one step closer to achieving gender equality. After all, we are #GenerationEquality!


Gender equality matters deeply to us. Here’s why it should matter to you too…


Not long ago, the Generation Equality Forum in Paris concluded with the announcement of bold gender equality commitments and the launch of a global 5-year action journey to accelerate gender equality by 2026. Alongside other governments, Kenya proved itself a champion of gender equality by co-leading the GBV Action Coalition where it made bold commitments. These commitments as outlined below will be a framework for our Gender Equality efforts over the next few years. 


Action Coalition