A Guide for Improving Meaningful Youth Engagement (MYE) in Policy-Making in Kenya

Young People under the age of 35 make up 70% of the Kenyan population. However, too often their priorities are not reflected in government priorities, policies, and budgeting processes and outcomes. At a time when the importance of their role and potential for improving policies to meet their need is at its greatest, Kenyan youth have a huge opportunity to shift the country`s policy landscape.

Kenya`s County Governments Act in section 106 (4) obligates counties to provide for citizen participation that shall be done in a process that involves “ meaningful engagement of citizens ” (105(1-d). Thus, formulation, implementation and monitoring of youth policies should be consultative, participatory and transparent. However, youth are often not represented on decision-making or priority-setting bodies and, when they are , their engagement may not actively represent the full set of youth perspective desired.