Young People under the age of 35 make up 70% of the Kenyan population. However, too often their priorities are not reflected in government priorities, policies, and budgeting processes and outcomes. At a time when the importance of their role and potential for improving policies to meet their need is at its greatest, Kenyan youth have a huge opportunity to shift the country`s policy landscape. Kenya`s County Governments Act in section 106 (4) obligates counties to provide for citizen participation that shall be done in a process that involves “ meaningful engagement of citizens ” (105(1-d). Thus, formulation, implementation and monitoring of youth policies should be consultative, participatory and transparent. However, youth are often not represented on decision-making or priority-setting bodies and, when they are , their engagement may not actively represent the full set of youth perspective desired.


The MYE Hall of Fame is a celebration of policymakers both at the national county level who have made tremendous strides in advancing meaning youth engagement. These are our Champions! 

Do you know any policymaker championing MYE in your community? Nominate them below to be featured on our MYE Hall of Fame.

Charles Munyua- Committee Clerk, The Justice & Legal Affairs Committee

As the Chairperson of the YALI RLCEA Alumni Chapter of Kenya, Charles Munyua is a brilliant mind championing for MYE. Being a committee clerk for the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee in Kenya’s Parliament, he worked closely with Y-ACT to mobilize for the Committee Clerks of the Senate and National Assembly under the noble mission […]

Anthony Buluma – CEO, Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association (KYPA)

MYE for Anthony Buluma is not an unfamiliar subject. He first established the youth Senate in 2014. The Youth Senate seeks to have a generation of involved, informed and empowered youth in Kenya. He is currently the CEO of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association. He has also worked closely with Y-ACT to develop the National […]

Hon. Sabina Chege- Chairperson, National Assembly Committee on Health

Following AHAIC 2019, Hon. Sabina Chege invited the Youth4UHC Movement to form a Youth advisory committee for the National Assembly Committee on Health which she chairs. Hon. Sabina Chege also participated in the 2bonge LIVE sessions and has in the past supported numerous youth initiatives. 

Hon. Johnson Sakaja, CBS, MP- Senator, Nairobi County & Chairperson, K.Y.P.A.

Super Senator Johnson Sakaja, has been an MYE Champion for as long as we can remember. He has pushed for the most youth-centred bills in Kenya’s Parliament since 2015. In his role, he has sponsored the following key Bills, some of which are currently Acts of Parliament. Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015 –provides […]

Rt. Hon. Ken Lusaka, EBS, CBS, EGH, MP – Speaker of the Senate

Hon. Ken Lusaka, a champion for the inclusion of young people in policymaking, approved the National MYE Framework that was proposed for adoption at the Parliamentary level and under his leadership, the Senate established a youth desk. Y-ACT is currently working with KYPA and other Members of Parliament to establish a clear mandate for the […]

Hon. Justin B.N. Muturi, EGH, MP – Speaker of the National Assembly

Having been briefed on the National MYE Framework for the National and Senate Assemblies, Hon. Muturi directed the Clerk of the National Assembly to action the recommendations in the proposed National MYE Framework. This in turn led to the recognition of the YSO Consortium as a stakeholder for the Joint Committee on National Cohesion and […]

The National MYE Coalition Section

The Youth Serving Organizations Consortium came into being in July 2019, when youth entities identified a need to come together to harmonize their voice on the National Youth Council Amendment Bill 2019. The YSO Consortium is a network of youth-led, youth-focused and youth-serving organizations working both nationally and at community level. The consortium seeks to unify the diverse youth voices through strategic collaboration and partnerships with different stakeholders to ensure meaningful and inclusive youth participation in development processes. Our slogan, “Youth Together Under One Voice” is the consortium’s vision.



Meaningful youth engagement means different things to different people. However, an ever-present component in its definition is young people, who are at its core. Meaningful adolescent and youth engagement can be defined as an inclusive, intentional, mutually-respectful partnership between adolescents, youth, and adults whereby power is shared, respective contributions are valued, and young people’s ideas, […]


THE LAUNCH OF THE NATIONAL MEANINGFUL YOUTH ENGAGEMENT FRAMEWORK! #2bongenaBunge International Youth Day 2020 was marred by the stark presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which for the most part limited celebrations to online activities. However, the resilient spirit of youth globally superseded the COVID-19 state of affairs as the positive noise dominated most social media […]