What is organizational development?

Organizational development (OD) is a systematic and efficient approach to ensuring continuous organizational performance through the involvement of its employees. Every organization is distinct, with its own set of problems, goals, and context, and it is almost certainly at a different stage of development.

The organizational development process is a deliberate, systematic, and controlled attempt to make an organization more useful by staging interventions in the systems and methods upon which it is built.

Organization development and systems strengthening (ODSS) is a strategic capacity-building methodology or process that strengthens the capacity of local organizations to address community problems by designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the impact of their interventions. It is a dynamic and outcome-driven participatory process that places an emphasis on organizational ownership.

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The DNA of organizational development

Organizational Development addresses the following areas of organisational competence for effective community interventions.


Summary of Gaps

Local organizations are critical to youth advocacy because they mobilize, empower, and support communities to effectively respond to community needs and development agendas. Despite this strategic role, one of the barriers that often limits local partners' ability to implement projects effectively is a lack of organizational capacity for long-term impact. Many local organizations lack the capacity to develop clear mandates, manage resources, fine-tune leadership structures, plan and design sustainable projects, monitor progress, manage partnerships, and use knowledge gained for better and more informed project interventions in their communities and beyond. Below are some of the gaps identified during baseline assessment for the SGs.


Dream Achievers Youth Organisation
Kisumu Progressive Youth
Network Empowering Samburu Transformation
Naretoi Development Initiatives
Youth leaders Stakeholders Forum