Governance and Risk Management

• Sustainable Rural Initiative is an NGO registered in 2016 with major focus on education for vulnerable children.

• Have a constitution that is fairly understood by the members.

• The board holds its meetings as stipulated, occasionally provide oversight and participate in implementation of activities. Have 5 members in the BOD.

• They have not had AGM for the past 2 years

• They have a constitution which is not well elaborate. Some clauses conflict with the finance manual. There is need to review the policy documents of the organization.

• The chairperson seem to dominate all conversation and is also involved in implementation.

• No separation of duties; accountant is also a board member.

• Organogram is not clear on reporting lines.

Strategic and Operational Planning

• Organization has a current strategic plan for the period 2016 to 2019. Which known to the members and staff.

• Vision and mission of the organization is well understood by the members.

• Organization does not prepare annual operational plans but relies on donor work plan and budget.

• Organization is mobilizing for resources through proposals. Currently funded by three donors with an annual budget of >Kes.11million.

• Adheres to work plan and budget as evidence in the reports availed for review.

Programme management

• Currently funded by three donors to implement OVC component.

• Has clear linkages with the ministry of Education, MOH and works closely with the children’s officer.

• Has strength in advocacy human rights to promote protection of children’s right to education, health and health care.

• Have implemented activities relating to education of the OVCs, carried out outreaches through sports for awareness creation on health related mater and peace initiatives; engage youth out of school to promote youth empowerment through enterprise development.

• Current funding is Kes.11million to support OVC

Finance Management & reporting

• Has 1 finance staff with the qualification of ATC.

• Has finance manual in place that is adhered to

• Uses excel spread sheet for accounting.

• Sample transactions availed confirmed adherence to set guidelines. Annual audit conducted with no major findings

• • Has budget control measures, financial reports prepared and shared with management.

• We could not verify if bank reconciliations are approved

Monitoring & Evaluation

• Has one staff for M&E and trained by the donor.

• Have an excel M&E data system.

• No evidence of data generated being used for decision making.

• Adopt donor tools for data management.

• Relies on donor work plan.

Technical Capacity

• The organization has capacity to implement Y-Act activities because of their involvement with the youth.

• Good linkages with the government structures demonstrated.

• Has a copy of the Kenyan constitution that they often review to during implementation. The member can clearly articulate the articles guiding their implementation.

Summary of strengthens, weaknesses and risks

Resource mobilizing capacity is quite high making the organization sustainable in the long run. Has asset to support with the implementation i.e. Own IGAs (3 different type), has land, human resource, computers


Has not developed M&E plan to guide the organization. The SP is lacking M&E framework.


Risk of quality delivery of project outcome because of missing oversight by the BOD who are at the same time implementers.

Summary of recommendations & Pre-conditions

• Can be funded with minimum capacity building in the short run.
Pre-conditions for contracting:
• Recruit an M&E officer to support M&E activities
• Develop a clear organogram that address the organization governance issues.