Governance and Risk Management

• Legally registered in March 2009 as Community based organisation...was initially registered self Help Drama group in 2005

• It’s a youth led organisation.

• Has advisory board made up of seven members

• Advisory board have never met.

• Reviewed management reports to the Advisory board

• No Annual General Meetings held since the group was registered

• Supported by various donors (DSW, HIVOs, USAID,KCDF Ministry of foreign affairs- Netherlands etc.)

• Reviewed management reports to the Advisory board

Strategic and Operational Planning

• Has written Vision and Mission Statements know to the staff interviewed

• Has no current Strategic Plan but has initiated the development with support from HIVOs

• Has donor specific work plans but failed to develop one for the organisation.

• Has a Human Resource Policy which guide’s recruitment.

• • Engage consultant for resource mobilization which is very costly

Programme management

• Experience in SRHR implementation and Youth empowerment.

• Experience in engaging school pupils.

• 6 staff members are engaged on contract basis with relevant professional qualification; others are volunteers.

• Has 10 desktop computers (for youth IT skills), 4 laptops, 4 desk, 50 chairs, 2 tents and 1 PA system

• Have good working relations with the community

Finance Management & reporting

• Has a Finance Policy and Procurement Policy manual which informs the organisation financial activities

• One Staff in Finance Department with CPA section 4 qualification

• Doesn’t prepare monthly cash flow projection.

• There are three signatories for the bank accounts; and any two can sign.

• Has a petty cash threshold of Kshs. 5,000 with inconsistent reimbursement.

• Statutory deduction remittance is update and are timely paid

• Maintains financial records using Quickbooks and paper based system.

• Has capacity to file good financial reports to donors

• Undertakes monthly Bank Account reconciliations but not timely

• Has External Auditors (Warren & Associates). They have been audited consistently for the last 3 years

• Procurement for items above Ksh. 20,000 is through open tender.

• Assets Register is maintained and is up to date.

Monitoring & Evaluation

• Lack M&E manual

• Has an M&E officer ( with an MSc Economic and Sociology)

• Donor reports are duly prepared.

• Inconsistency in timely submission of donor report

• Use donor specific M & E tools

Technical Capacity

• Has vast knowledge in SRHR

• Experienced in youth Mobilisation, engagement and empowerment

• No advocacy strategy

Summary of strengthens, weaknesses and risks

Resource mobilizing capacity is quite high making the organization sustainable in the long run. Has asset to support with the implementation i.e. Own IGAs (3 different type), has land, human resource, computers


Has not developed M&E plan to guide the organization. The SP is lacking M&E framework.


Risk of quality delivery of project outcome because of missing oversight by the BOD who are at the same time implementers.

Summary of recommendations & Pre-conditions

• Can be funded with minimum capacity building in the short run.
Pre-conditions for contracting:
• Recruit an M&E officer to support M&E activities
• Develop a clear organogram that address the organization governance issues.