Governance and Risk Management

• Has a board of trustees with clear roles as stipulated in the constitution

• Conduct AGM consistently, all the beneficiaries and stakeholders attend where the financial reports and programmatic are shared.

• Board meetings held quarterly, meetings are consistent.

• The board acts as an oversight board, it approves all the management operations. The board members approves all the financials undertakings in the organization

Strategic and Operational Planning

• Organizations operations are guided by its mission and vision

• Has a strategic plan (2016-2019) has already constituted a team to review its success and failures for the next strategic plan.

• Staff are conversant with organization mission and vision.

• Has an annual operational plans and budgets that informs implementation.

• Has a clear human resource plan that clearly outline recruitment and capacity building needs of staff

• Low partnership linkage with GOK agencies despite having many project that require partnership in with the national and County Government.

Programme management

• Secured funding from Y-ACT in phase one

• Has implemented big projects, has over 3 projects being implemented now for three years.

• Has a good track record on timely implementation of projects as mostly as per donor regulations.

• Human resource policy though semi-automated in place with clear procedures on recruitment ,job description

• Staff contracts are up to date.

• Staff are motivated by sponsoring them for training in Kenya and outside.

• The organization is structured with clear organogram.

• Demonstrated a low community involvement in designing and implementation of projects

• Has up-dated assets register.

Finance Management & reporting

• Has 2 finance staff-Manager and officer with degrees in commerce and CPA

• It has a finance manual that clearly states the transactions and procedures related to financial transactions

• Accounting procedures for imprest, surrenders well outlined

• No budget, bank reconciliations or cash flow projections generated by the treasurer.

• Has budget control measures-Expenditures are based on the available budget.

• Management reports are prepared monthly and submitted to the board on a monthly basis

• All board members are bank signatories, approval is first done by the executive director to inform the board members

• Does monthly reconciliation.

• Has a semi-automated accounting system

• Auditing done after every fiscal year-Auditing done by an external auditor.

• Compliant with government regulations-submit all statutory deductions-KRA, NHIF, NSSF.

• Goods/services procured as per the procurement policy

Monitoring & Evaluation

• M&E plan in place and standardized reporting tools

• Has 1 staff trained on M&E

• Reports prepared as per the donor requirements

• Has not received any training from GOK on reporting system

• Reports are reviewed periodically when need be.

• Data collected not well documented hence cannot be used for planning

• Uses case studies and storytelling to pass its successes

• Has a low knowledge on outcome harvesting

Technical Capacity

• Has 1 staff with the capacity to implement SRHR or youth advocacy interventions

• Has one staff with satisfactory capacity to implement SRHR/advocacy interventions.

• Has a vague understanding of national guide lines

• Doesn’t receive regular updates from the county teams

Summary of strengthens, weaknesses and risks

Resource mobilizing capacity is quite high making the organization sustainable in the long run. Has asset to support with the implementation i.e. Own IGAs (3 different type), has land, human resource, computers


Has not developed M&E plan to guide the organization. The SP is lacking M&E framework.


Risk of quality delivery of project outcome because of missing oversight by the BOD who are at the same time implementers.

Summary of recommendations & Pre-conditions

• Can be funded with minimum capacity building in the short run.
Pre-conditions for contracting:
• Recruit an M&E officer to support M&E activities
• Develop a clear organogram that address the organization governance issues.