Governance and Risk Management

• KPY is an independent youth led network of community based youth organizations founded to empower young people by proactively engaging with county/local leaders on emerging social concerns both at county and national level and in the process prompt communities to action through innovative civic and art platform.

• Has a membership of 2145 youth led CBOs

• Representative of the youth group is drawn from all 35 wards in Kisumu elected biannually.

• Target population are the youth and the community.

• Organization has a constitution and is governed by board of directors.

• Board members are appointed depending on expertee; supposed to serve for 3 year.

• The Board holds their meetings quarterly as per the constitution and provides regular oversight to the management team.

• Some board member are involved in implementation of organization activities e.g. The chair is the CEO

Strategic and Operational Planning

• Have a strategic plan up to December 2019 but currently developing for the next period up to 2014.

• KPY has a detailed HR management policy manual and a strategic plan that focus on advocacy and health service provision.

• Consistently writes proposals to source for funds and crowd funding that provide funds/ resources for the organization.

• Have costed Work plans and budget developed through participatory process by all the staff.

• Have more than 5 projects funded.

Programme management

• Organization has experience in implementing SRHR and advocacy currently implementing VIVA program targeting youth between the ages of 18 to 24 years with EU.

• With support from Forum Syd under Wajibu Wetu Phase 1 was implemented for a period of 12 months (1st April 2016 to 30th May 2017), to enhance positive participation of young people in decision making process at all level in Kisumu County.

• Wajibu Wetu Phase 2 is currently ongoing for the contract period 1st June to 30th May 2023 (total award is Kes.5M)

• KPY through the Pasha “information” project 1 re-ignites the youth model assembly as an effective platform to articulate a common community agenda through systemic mechanism.

• Experience in managing more than Kes7.5M grant.

• Current physical resource include, computers, Office space and human resource though not adequate since there is need to hire M&E officer.

• Has assets to support implementation E.g. computers, office space, Human resource etc

Finance Management & reporting

• The organization has one staff in the accounts department currently pursuing Advanced Technician Diploma.

• Uses quick books in accounting and has a finance manual

• Bank reconciliations are done on soft copy and are not approved by management.

• Personnel records are maintained

• Statutory deductions- PAYE, NSSF & NHIF are submitted on a monthly basis though not timely.

• Annual Audit conducted by independent auditor.

• There were no major finding.

• The organization doesn’t prepare cash flow projections and there was no evidence of financial reports prepared to the management.

Monitoring & Evaluation

• Organization does not have M&E staff. Monitoring role is the responsibility of all staff and this is clearly stated in the individual staff JDs’.

• KPY developed a joint work plan for civic education with the county government of Kisumu, giving the youth a voice in the awareness and information campaigns

• Donor based tools provided report was not signed hence no clear prove of reports review

• It has no system of storing and managing data

• Data flow from site to end user is guided by the donor requirement.

• No evidence of internal review meetings in the minutes provided. Verbal update was share by project officer

Technical Capacity

• Has national guidelines that guide implementation that is fairly familiar to staff.

• Strong linkages with the county SRHR and other relevant government structures.

Summary of strengthens, weaknesses and risks

Resource mobilizing capacity is quite high making the organization sustainable in the long run. Has asset to support with the implementation i.e. Own IGAs (3 different type), has land, human resource, computers


Has not developed M&E plan to guide the organization. The SP is lacking M&E framework.


Risk of quality delivery of project outcome because of missing oversight by the BOD who are at the same time implementers.

Summary of recommendations & Pre-conditions

• Can be funded with minimum capacity building in the short run.
Pre-conditions for contracting:
• Recruit an M&E officer to support M&E activities
• Develop a clear organogram that address the organization governance issues.