Governance and Risk Management

• Youth Leaders Stakeholders Forum is a community based Organization bringing together several registered Youth Groups in Kakamega to champion the youth agenda and advocate for matters affecting the youths in the county.

• The CBO was registered in 2016.

• The organization has a constitution that is fairly understood by the members. Mission and vision statement missing in key documents.

• Current board is constituted as per constitution in terms of number (5) of members. All board members are professional women under 35 with exception of one

• There is no strong separation of duties between the board and the implementing teams since they all double up as implementers.

• They have not actively participated in fund raising.

• Has never been funded but relies on own contribution and donation from friends and well-wishers who buy in their vision.

Strategic and Operational Planning
Programme management
Finance Management & reporting
Monitoring & Evaluation
Technical Capacity
Summary of strengthens, weaknesses and risks

Resource mobilizing capacity is quite high making the organization sustainable in the long run. Has asset to support with the implementation i.e. Own IGAs (3 different type), has land, human resource, computers


Has not developed M&E plan to guide the organization. The SP is lacking M&E framework.


Risk of quality delivery of project outcome because of missing oversight by the BOD who are at the same time implementers.

Summary of recommendations & Pre-conditions

• Can be funded with minimum capacity building in the short run.
Pre-conditions for contracting:
• Recruit an M&E officer to support M&E activities
• Develop a clear organogram that address the organization governance issues.