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  • Well started is fifty percent done. So, sufficient of the complication that’s going to lead you nowhere! Start off properly and you’ll see exactly how your look for the used car overcomes effectively conserving […]

  • Too many young professionals fail to realize that mentorship is a two-way street. You have to deliver tremendous value to your mentor as well, and that often means working longer and harder than those around you.

  • hey guys..this is a group where by all youths come together and bring their mind in one to discuss what we youths can change in our society.. try to change the name youths from being a bad term to a good […]

  • this group is for people who would like to discuss tech issues with other students

  • This group is purposefully for youths. Its aim is to advocate for Reproductive Health Awareness and Rights related to it. This advocacy is done through sports with a tittle ”Talent for Reproductive Health” since […]

  • Top Pharmacy Online ( health and happynes )

  • Our vision is to be a role model organization that promotes youth participation in advocating for SRHR awareness in Kenya.

  • work in educating and empowering the youth about their sexual lifestyle and protecting any problem in the near future

  • Creates knowledge on computer skills and about sexual production in KENYA

  • To improve youths living standards on health issues

  • fostering and advocating for healthcare policies

  • young realists

  • affairs dealing with theft and unemployment

  • group meant to bring langata people together

  • mentoring youth

  • peace is tranquility

  • regulation of music across the continent

  • health and nutrition

  • (p2p) is a forum where film makers interact and collaborate in creating content for digital media.

  • advocating for safe space for young women

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