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Naretoi Development Initiative is a community-Based Organization that was founded in 2016 by local elites from Nairimirimo location, Barsaloi sub-location. The organization has a membership of 20 members, comprising of seven ladies and thirteen gentlemen who founded it after completing their university education. The major objective of the organization is to enable community members to identify and creatively solve their own problems. Community members comprising youth and women have so far been mobilized to contribute to the development of the county through pool funds as a way of internal income generation, creativity, leadership, entrepreneurship and educational initiatives.

So far the organization had organized six trainings involving youth and women with Raraiti, nairimirimo and Barsaloi villages. The dominant topics among the various discussions are all directed towards encouraging active participation of youth and women in the development process of the county.

As a result of our efforts, two small scale enterprises had been established at Raraiti and three at Nairimirimo and several ones established at Barsaloi village after our trainings.

Advocacy Focus Areas

Economic Empowerment

Gender Equality

Democracy & Governance

Our Leader

7 passionate Ladies, 13 visionary Gentlemen

We believe in young generation empowerment for growth.

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Telephone: 0708039634

Email: [email protected]

Postal address: 441-20600

Facebook: Naretoi Development Initiative – ndi


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