Samburu County Chapter

Young people in Samburu County face significant SRHR-related issues, including a high unmet need for family planning, particularly among unmarried, adolescent girls, and young women. Important to note is that youth-friendly services are not offered in Samburu County, making it difficult for young people to access SRHR services. Thus, the ultimate goal for the Y-ACT Samburu Chapter is to increase youth access to youth-friendly SRHR services within the county. To do so, the chapter is advocating for the development, adoption, and dissemination of guidelines on the provision of youth-friendly services to public health facilities in Samburu County by June 2021.

This is to be achieved by the establishment of a youth-inclusive SRHR technical committee. The Samburu chapter seeks to partner with the county health department, particularly the department of sexual and reproductive health services as well as youth-led organizations within the county, to develop the aforementioned guidelines that will be adopted, disseminated, and implemented at all public health facilities in Samburu county. These will prove to be instrumental in reducing the number of unintended pregnancies and maternal mortality rates among the youth for a healthier, more vibrant, and productive youth population.