Launch of the Open Source Youth Advocacy Platform

This webinar was the official launch of the Open Source Platform giving an overview of the Youth in Action advocacy approach, the relevance of this curriculum to a youth advocate in the region and an introduction to the platform on which the course will be hosted featured a panel of experts including; Y-ACT Policy Advocacy Specialist – Vania Kibui, E-campus Digital Learning Design and Development Specialist- Bernard Kikechi, as well as Winnie Lozi and Dollarman Fatinato (youth advocates) who have already taken the course.

Are you passionate about advocacy in your community? We are calling on all youth advocates who want to realize transformative change in their advocacy work and are keen to develop an advocacy strategy.  Listen in to the webinar as we launch the first of its kind Youth Advocacy Curriculum.

  • Date: August 4, 2020

Hidden Secrets of Successful Advocacy

Hosting our panel of experts featuring; Elizabeth Ntonjira – Global Communications Director at AMREF Health Africa, and Dr. Stellah Wairimu Bosire-Otieno – Co-Executive Director of UHAI – The East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative, this webinar focused on effective strategies of communication in advocacy, how to maximize media platforms, both mainstream and social media, in advancing your advocacy work. It further addressed effective strategies of influencing your target audience(s), how to communicate your message to the decision makers to persuade them to connect with your advocacy issue and push forward your advocacy goal. They will discuss recent changes in the approaches to advocacy work and provide you with technical knowledge and their innermost experiences to impact your advocacy work.

The session was moderated by Dorothy Aseyo, Program Manager, Women’s Voice and Leadership Program at Care International and James Karongo, Program Officer, Adolescents and Youth Program at LVCT Health.

Tucked deep at the heart of advocacy are foremost gems that have been waiting to be revealed. For the first time ever, we’re excited to share with you the ‘Hidden Secrets of Successful Advocacy’. Watch the live recording of the webinar here:

  • Date:Oct 29, 2020


In an era of globalization and the information superhighway, at a time of unprecedented opportunities, youth remain peripheral when it comes to inclusive advocacy geared towards achieving desired policy advocacy objectives efficiently and effectively.

This curriculum is premised on the foundation of enhancing the capacity of youth advocates to practically articulate and develop effective advocacy strategies that promote their rights to good governance, accountability and integrity from leaders at all levels of society.

We don’t just present quality data, we bring forth the story to give the statistics a human face. Advocacy is best articulated through storytelling.

For the first time ever, we have captured some of the testimonials of incredible youth advocates and youth policy experts from Kenya who have gone through the curriculum—and we are so excited to share their stories and insights with you!

Delve in and enjoy!