What We Do

Welcome to Y-ACT, a platform for meaningful youth engagement that is run by, for, and by young people. Young people have the power to alter the world for the better. Because of this, we are passionate about giving young people a platform to steer and lead the most important conversations. We give young people the tools to contribute to their communities and beyond. Y-ACT provides resources and assistance to help young people learn new skills, connect with peers who share their interests, and get involved in important issues.

Meaningful youth engagement is at the core of everything we do. When making decisions that affect their lives, young people ought to be at the fore. To ensure that young people are involved and actively shaping the future, we prioritize initiatives led and driven by youth.

Whether you want to get involved in a specific issue, connect with other young people, or develop your leadership skills, our platform supports you. Communities can change due to youth-led initiatives, improving the world for all.

Become a part of the movement that is transforming the world, one young person at a time, by joining us today!


Our Reach

Embracing the diversity of youth across different geographies in Africa

Youth Organizations

Over 900 Youth led organizations across Kenya & Africa at large


Youth Advocates

Over 3500 Youth advocates registered on our platform

Following of 2,000 Youth advocates worldwide.

Regional council of youth leaders from 8 countries in Africa.


Over 60 Youth led organizations in 21 Countries in Africa

Online Reach

Over 200 Youth Trackers in Africa.

Over 14,200 Youth Twitter followers.

Our Winning Models

Youth-led | Youth-driven | Meaningful Youth Engagement

Gender Advocacy Programming​

We use planned mapping of emerging youth priorities, especially to build back better from the pandemic, focusing on empowerment and gender. We gather evidence to inform youth-led policy advocacy strategies.

Movement building

We build movements by utilizing our youth networks to amplify and support grassroots young women-led advocacy campaigns –Our main focus is on gender and SRH.


Y-ACT uses a participatory approach with its advocacy partners to identify their assets and gaps in advocacy, organizational development, monitoring, evaluation, and learning. The data is then used to develop a capacity-strengthening plan with partners that is assessed regularly to monitor progress and revised accordingly. We work with advocates and partners to establish MEL plans to evaluate their progress in achieving their advocacy goals and better their approaches to maximize impact.

Digital Advocacy

Y-ACT is committed to amplifying youth voices by unleashing a new generation of youth advocates empowered with the necessary skill sets and toolkits to become transformational leaders in their communities of impact. Y-ACT also thrives on amplifying Social accountability efforts for advocacy policies on gender and SRH in Kenya and regionally.