DISSECTING SCHOOL RE-ENTRY AFTER TEENAGE PREGNANCIES Valarie Musavi   What is the reality of a teen mom getting back to class three or six months after pregnancy and the newborn experience? One cannot vividly come to terms with the level of attachment a teen mom has towards their baby nor how she has to shut […]

Evaluating Social Justice Advocacy: A Values Based Approach

Brief offers ideas on how to incorporate the concept of social justice and its underlying values into advocacy evaluation. Location: Global Type: Research Topics: Evaluation and assessment Organization: Center for Evaluation Innovation Resource: View Resource

Enhancing Funders’ and Advocates’ Effectiveness

Enhancing Funders’ and Advocates’ Effectiveness: The Processes Shaping Collaborative Advocacy for Health System Accountability in South Africa Article in the Foundation Review examines five Atlantic Philanthropies-supported advocacy efforts designed to improve access to quality health care for all South Africans and reduce health inequities across the country. Using retrospective case studies, the article identifies features […]

How To Engage the Private Sector to Achieve Universal Health Care

Engaging the Private Sector in Primary Health Care (PHC) to Achieve Universal Health Care (UHC): Advice from Implementers to Implementers The practical manual that contains step-by-step guidance along with real-world examples and case studies to help facilitate public-private sector engagement around primary health care (PHC). The first two modules of the Manual provide practical guidance […]

How to Create the Greatest Impact

The website includes resources that support High Impact Practices (HIPs), a set of evidence-based family planning practices vetted by experts against specific criteria and documented in an easy-to-use format. HIPs help programs focus resources for greatest impact. Location: Global Type: Multi-media Topics: Advocacy strategy Organization: USAID, UNFPA WHO, IPPF, FP2020 Resource: View Resource

Demographic Dividend

The website hosts resource materials available from a number of organizations engaged in research, advocacy, and policy work related to the demographic dividend. Location: Global Type: Multi-media Topics: Advocacy strategy Organization: Gates Institute, Population Reference Bureau Resource: View Resource

Connecting Global Goals to Local Priorities

This article in the Global Health Governance journal highlights how advocacy connects global goals to local priorities. The authors examine how Advance Family Planning’s SMART advocacy approach enables local actors to influence family planning decisions. The case studies underline the importance of advocating across all levels of government, but particularly at the subnational level.  Location: […]

The Disgruntled Governor

The day started off pretty grey. The sort of weather that neither threatens nor comforts you. Not a very auspicious omen, as far as I was concerned. It would have settled a few tummy knots to have someone look me dead in the eye saying “It’ll go fine! You’ll see!” None of that, though. Just […]

Adolescents Need More Protection Than We Think

Perhaps its shame, or Kenyans are just afraid to wake up and face reality in the eye. Whatever the case, the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents in Kenya is standing weak under the glaring heat of ignorance, hyprocity and idealism. The statistics are stark. Today, nearly 18 percent of adolescent girls between the ages […]

A catholic with a plan

‘How can you be asking us to place condoms in the university?’ the screeching voice of my dean of students still lingers in my head. ‘We are Catholics in word and deed’. In my second month as a student leader in a catholic institution of higher learning, I had been faced with four first year […]