The Kenya Youth Generation Equality Consortium Report on Sexual harassment in Kenya Public Transport

The Kenya Youth Generation Equality Consortium, IYFP, Y-ACT, and OAY are youth focused organizations with a unifying goal of achieving meaningful youth engagement (MYE). They seek to place youth advocates and youth workers at vantage positions to voice out and seek solutions to health and wellbeing, challenges affecting vulnerable and marginalized young people including sexual and gender-based violence. The entities came together to influence the 2021 Generation Equality Forum (GEF) theme on Gender-Based Violence and Youth Taskforce activities. The ultimate aim of GEF is to accelerate progress and achieve gender equality by 2030 in line with United Nations SDGs Goal on Gender-Based Violence. Specifically, the Kenya Youth Generation Equality Consortium seeks to build a movement of youth advocates and youth workers and stakeholders in the transport sector to mobilize actions aimed at highlighting the various forms of sexual harassment in public transport, generate public anger and consciousness, and demand for action from duty bearers especially to protect young women. The partnership has a particular focus on addressing the intersections among awareness on rights and responsibilities, law enforcement and access to justice, policy environment, and impact of COVID-19 among young women along Jogoo, Thika, and Ngong roads in Nairobi County.

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