In the world situation in which it has been the will of history to place us, amid the conditions of unprecedented difficulty that surround us, conditions that, again are not of our making, we need to be strong. The COVID-19 pandemic is the glaring rampant global health crisis of our time. Cases are rising daily in the world, in Africa and more specifically Kenya. The pandemic is a poignant contagious wave neither choosing race, gender, age nor status. It affects all.Countries have put limitations on travelling; governments are putting its citizens on quarantine and cancelling large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts and school activities. The world is slowing down day by day.The pandemic continues to pose genuine worries ranging from the ability of strained healthcare systems to handle a severe outbreak to challenges over increased teenage pregnancy, lack of proper meals for children during school closures, as well as the effect of the restrictions on those in the informal economy and the consequences of the pandemic on economies across the country, are the everyday thoughts of many in our society.

Economic challenges during the outbreak pose a serious threat to young people’s work and business activity and expose them to increased risk of exploitation and even abuse for young women and girls. This was the case with the 2008 global financial collapse, which exposed the vulnerability of the youth labor market. Young people who continue to face severe economic shocks are more likely to take on high-risk work for their economic survival. Responses to the outbreak must protect and support young women’s economic empowerment.We now face a new world but the challenges are not a stop sign. In the face of this challenge, we must now find alternative and innovative ways to move agendas forward, exchange ideas, and hold each other to account. Covid-19 is a threat to our national health security but also a threat to democracy and our humanity. We must take action now to ensure that no-one is left behind. It is important that we don’t forget the lessons from our history, for us to ensure we leave no one behind the measures taken to win Covid-19 must relate to the practical needs and the mental and moral traditions of the majority in this country who at most risk.We must emphasize what we have in common with those people who are our neighbours, our workmates, our families and fellow country men andwomen. Our victory and strength is in the common things that matter to us. Life being at the peak of the list. We have to voluntary and willingly join the efforts of our government and save the lives of those who matter most to us. The lives of our people.In the journey to winning this battle as an army of young people we shall not be halted by any difficulties. We are richer in spirit and we choose to be the resources, the beacons of hope, thestrong in our society and the aid needed by our governments. These dark moments shall come to pass but this remains our pledge of victory!

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